Body Genius
Enjoy Natural and Beautiful Everyday

The Mission of Body Genius is to ensure the health of the Hair, Skin and Nails.

Body Genius was created as a means to be my Own Boss per say, and create products that are safe and effective. The meaning of safe and effective is safe for your skin, and effective in improving certain skin conditions. In 2008 I gave birth to beautiful baby girls who had eczema. I took them to doctors and I was given creams that worked but caused discoloration of the skin. I started to do a little research on natural methods to cure hopefully or at least reduce this problem. Voila Natural Soaps, Lotions and more. I started to make these products, and applied these products to their skin and yes it worked!!!!  I wanted to do the same for others.  Time progressed devoted lots of time into perfecting this product. I took classes, and acquired more knowledge then I made it official I started Body Genius. Body Genius is unique as I offer a wide range of products. These products are handcrafted and uniquely designed each and every one. The great thing is that I can customize any product to suite the scent preference, and skin needs of my customers.